(1) Clean Your Gold With Detergent and a Toothbrush. In fact you can start the process of cleaning gold by putting a teaspoon full of detergent in your specimen container before you go prospecting. The action of friction and rubbing on your gold nuggets and the detergent will start the cleaning job for you while you are metal detecting.

Clean your diamond regularly. A simple plan to keep your diamond jewelry looking beautiful is to soak it in a gentle degreasing solution, such as water with a few drops of mild dish soap, once or twice a week. After you remove the diamond from the cleaning solution, use a soft, clean …

Wax Patterns for Platinum Alloy Casting Use a sturdy, clean burning wax for casting platinum alloys. Some new wax formulations are now available for platinum casting, check with your supply house. Make sure the waxes are clean and free of any talc or mold release residue as this will cause rough surfaces on the finished casting.

Feb 27, 2009· Platinum has a density of 21.45, no other metal that you are remotely likely to have come across would have a density that high. Only iridium and osmium have densities higher then platinum and those are way more rare then platinum. The proceedure is this:

Aqua regia is a yellow-orange (sometimes red) fuming liquid, so named by alchemists because it can dissolve the noble metals gold and platinum, though not all metals. Contents 1 Applications

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Placer Platinum. Platinum in terms of rarity surpasses gold by almost 90% in annual production. A placer platinum nugget in hard metallic form (the majority of placer platinum is a sponge of platinum and chromite) is almost incalculable in rarity.

Platinum is the rarest and most expensive of the popular precious metals. It is much rarer then Gold. Due to its rarity and value, it is not readily available to mineral collectors and is seldom represented in in all but the highest-end mineral collections.

Platinum melts at 1770 °C - way hotter than any other common metal. You might just be able to melt a small piece with oxy/propane but oxy/hydrogen or an induction furnace is more usual. My second point is that platinum is very high value. People don't just lose pieces in a river.

To clean silver jewelry pieces, make a dip using 1 tablespoon baking soda, 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1 tablespoon white salt, aluminium foil and 1 cup hot water. Place aluminium foil in a …

Platinum Can Let You Down in the Shine Department Big Time! One of the biggest disappointments I've run into with couples as a wedding ring designer is finding someone who has dull plain platinum rings.. All they wanted was a plain and simple wedding band with an expanse of shiny platinum.

Aug 16, 2016· Dry the platinum with a lint-free cloth. Avoid cotton cloths and towels, which could leave residue on your jewelry. For a really clean, dry finish, wipe the platinum clean with a microfiber cloth or a chamois to give it a nice shine.

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You can test gold, platinum, and palladium jewelry to determine if an unmarked piece you've acquired is genuine. There are easy ways to test jewelry yourself and thus eliminate the need for a …

white vinegar also works to clean gold!!! (Michael1) on Sunday, February 23, 2003 - 05:25 am: Here's an improvment on the above gold cleaning method. Take a small bottle and fill it about 3/4 full of table salt. fill the bottle the rest of the way with white vinegar. Some of the salt will disolve and you will end up with about a 50/50 salt ...

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Some miners like to "clean-up" their sluice boxes after every hour of operation. Some prefer to do clean-up at the end of the day. Others will go for days at a time before cleaning up. This is all a matter of preference and seldom has much to do with the actual needs of the sluice box.

Platinum is an extremely rare metal, occurring at a concentration of only 0.005 ppm in Earth's crust. It is sometimes mistaken for silver. Platinum is often found chemically uncombined as native platinum and as alloy with the other platinum-group metals and iron mostly.

Raw platinum is a gray white metal. It is extremely nonreactive,very dense (21.45 grams per cubic centimeter) and malleable. It isalso one of the rarest elements on Earth.

Some people say to use any detergent to wash raw fleeces, so we tested two eco-friendly laundry detergents and two "wool wash" products. What prompted this test was a bit of experimentation that was not so scientific, but revealing nonetheless.

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Clean platinum in the same way you clean other fine jewelry to maintain its fine appearance and ensure that it lasts. Either use a mild solution of soap and warm water, and gently rub it with a soft cloth, or buy a jewelry cleaning solution.

I am not familiar with the metallurgical process, but I guess that this is done by ehtracting the metals and then refining the copper, then from the residue the platinum, gold, etc. are extracted.

TAC 2013. Raw platinum ore, looks like any rock, but is worth more than gold, and with a little work, its value will be evident. TAC 2013. Get Price; Platinum and Gold Natural Crystals, platinum and gold ... Most raw platinum is also mined as microscopic particles.

The method you use to clean jewelry should protect its weakest element. In other words, not all jewelry can be cleaned the same way because some elements are much more fragile then others. If your ring includes other gems, clean in a way that is suitable for the less durable components.

Usually there is a history of platinum and related metals in the streams where you find it. Pure platinum has a density of SG=22 or so depending on iridium and osmium in the alloy where pure gold is around 19.3, so yes it is quite dense in fact platinum is about twice the density of lead. Prospector Jess

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How is platinum extracted from its Ore? An ore is a naturally occurring mineral from which a pure metal can be extracted. For Platinum, the two- chief minerals are sperrylite or platinum arsenide (PtAs2) and co-operate or platinum sulfide (Pts).